windowWelcome to the MSGR. Raymond Renwald Council 7241

St. Joseph's Parish, Elk Grove, CA

We are located in Elk Grove, CA. incorporated as a City on July 1, 2000. We are a community previously supported by farming but now composed of some 140,000 diverse tax paying citizens. Our membership is some 280+ strong. Since our Charter in 1979 at St. Joseph Church, Supreme has honored us five times with the Star Council Award. Our newsletter is the KNIGHTLIFE, published 12 times a year. Sixty-five members belong to the 4th Degree of the Order. Our college scholarship fund is now self sufficient and we are currently awarding three $750 scholarships annually. Several times a year, council members enjoy prepared or cook y'r own dinners before monthly meetings.


To become a Knight, you must be 18 years old, male, and be a practicing Catholic in full communion with the Holy See. If you are interested in becoming a Knight, please contact our Chancellor:
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Knights of Columbus #7241 Mailing address:
P.O. Box 456 Elk Grove, CA 95759 



[Bishop Robert Barron YouTube Channel]

The Officers for the Columbian Year 2019-2020


[ 1 ] GRAND KNIGHT Clifton Bollong         
[ 2 ] DEPUTY GRAND KNIGHT John M. Slamkowski
[ 3 ] CHANCELLOR Ron Fiorica
[ 4 ] RECORDER David Long
[ 5 ] TREASURER John J. Slamkowski (Not Pictured)
[ 6 ] WARDEN Tyson Sorci
[ 7 ] INSIDE GUARD Jackson Campbell
[ 8 ] OUTSIDE GUARD Bill Montoya
[ 9 ] TRUSTEE 1ST YEAR Bill Bickler (Not pictured)
[ 10 ] TRUSTEE 2ND YEAR Jeff Ecker
[ 11 ] TRUSTEE 3RD YEAR Dan Fua
[ 12 ] ADVOCATE Justin Morris (Not pictured)
[ 13 ] FINANCIAL SECRETARY Dennis Zanardi
[ 14 ] CHAPLAIN Rev. Fr. Julito R. Orpilla (Not pictured)
[ 15 ] ASSOCIATE CHAPLAIN Rev. Fr. Fernando Meza
[ 16 ] LECTURER Phillip Moralez
[ 17 ] Our 11th District Deputy Marcus Mimnaugh