windowWelcome to the MSGR. Raymond Renwald Council 7241

St. Joseph's Parish, Elk Grove, CA

We are located in Elk Grove, CA. incorporated as a City on July 1, 2000. We are a community previously supported by farming but now composed of some 140,000 diverse tax paying citizens. Our membership is some 280+ strong. Since our Charter in 1979 at St. Joseph Church, Supreme has honored us five times with the Star Council Award. Our newsletter is the KNIGHTLIFE, published 12 times a year. Sixty-five members belong to the 4th Degree of the Order. Our college scholarship fund is now self sufficient and we are awarding scholarships annually. Council members enjoy prepared or cook y'r own dinners before monthly meetings.


To become a Knight, you must be 18 years old, male, and be a practicing Catholic in full communion with the Holy See. If you are interested in becoming a Knight, please contact our Chancellor:
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Knights of Columbus #7241 Mailing address:
P.O. Box 456 Elk Grove, CA 95759 



[Bishop Robert Barron YouTube Channel]

The Officers for the Columbian Year 2019-2020


[ 1 ] GRAND KNIGHT Clifton Bollong         
[ 2 ] DEPUTY GRAND KNIGHT John M. Slamkowski
[ 3 ] CHANCELLOR Ron Fiorica
[ 4 ] RECORDER David Long
[ 5 ] TREASURER John J. Slamkowski (Not Pictured)
[ 6 ] WARDEN Tyson Sorci
[ 7 ] INSIDE GUARD Jackson Campbell
[ 8 ] OUTSIDE GUARD Bill Montoya
[ 9 ] TRUSTEE 1ST YEAR Bill Bickler (Not pictured)
[ 10 ] TRUSTEE 2ND YEAR Jeff Ecker
[ 11 ] TRUSTEE 3RD YEAR Dan Fua
[ 12 ] ADVOCATE Justin Morris (Not pictured)
[ 13 ] FINANCIAL SECRETARY Dennis Zanardi
[ 14 ] CHAPLAIN Rev. Fr. Julito R. Orpilla (Not pictured)
[ 15 ] ASSOCIATE CHAPLAIN Rev. Fr. Fernando Meza
[ 16 ] LECTURER Phillip Moralez
[ 17 ] Our 11th District Deputy Marcus Mimnaugh