Bill Montoya - KOTY

William "Bill" Montoya - Knight of the Year

This award goes to the person that is most deserving. Many were nominated, and very deserving, but only one was selected. This selection process is taken very seriously. Active past Knights of the Year meet, nominate, discuss and select the Knight of the Year, using a designated criteria that has been selected for this task. This year we announce the 33rd Knight of the Year.

Here are just a few of the reasons for the selection of this year's Knight of the Year: 

This is a person you will see doing many things around our Parish.

If you have an event to be held, this person is available to help set-up the hall.

If there is a dinner planned, this person can be found selling tickets for that event after all Masses.

If someone is in need, just ask, this gentleman will find a way to assist.

He is a Past Grand Knight.

When there is a dinner to be held prior to a Council Business Meeting, this Knight will volunteer to cook.

You need a chairman for a Parish event, this man will do it.

When the Bishop needed someone to do a barbeque for a Diocese outing, this man stepped forward.

When the rectory needed painting, this person did it.

You need someone to work in Granny's Attic, he'll do it.

You need someone to usher at Mass, he's your man.

The Knights of Columbus Council #7241 are honored and a pleasure to present to you the Knight of the Year 2014-2015, Bro. William "Bill" Montoya.

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